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17 Apr 2012
A hat is always a superb match to get a cool hair style. Even if a mediocre hair, going with a suitable headgear, it's going to also show a shining image. Proper now, I would prefer to advocate you ten kinds of hats and hair types which contain not simply Japenese and Korean style but in addition fashion components from European and American fashion week, and let us possess a appear.

Europe as well as the United states: This kind of hair very have the supermodel's temperament, dressed up in a white cashmere coat, then putting on shaggy clothes hat on, you turns out to be extraordinary graceful and elegant. Meanwhile, to decorate the fashionable short hairs by simple hat is undoubtedly a sort of low pitch. It is simply judged from one glimpse that this is a counterfeiting of Gossip Girl Jenny. Snail-type hat with gold new long straight hair is quite eye-catching. Far more precisely, this really is the scarves-style hair, even the middle lengthy hair features a kind of effects to cover but not.

This handsome monster energy hats, having a muffler sunglasses, leading to a cool temperament, which is definitely one of the most dazzling dress up in the street. Such clothes plus middle-long natural hair color can bring a basic & casual feeling, within a bid to perfectly show the style and individuality. There is no doubt golden brief hair may be the artist's color, golden short hair that completely hidden inside the red bull hats, which is full of dynamic that is seldom within the winter.

A Korean lengthy curly hair, having a lovely snail hat, even in winter has not lose flavor. A adorable hair with lovely white cashmere hat had cover the mediocre of black curl hair. Korean long curly hair with a dark cap-style, if certain hair color to become a little bright, will get better results Princess curly hair, with bud-type knitted wool cap style, will make the people looked lively and cheerful. Full texture hairstyle. Maroon extended curly hair with a blue knit hat, the forehead planning into a straightforward arc, with the finishing point

A hippie top hat will play most of a medium curly hair, because the degree of hair volume is relatively small, so that it is not easy to become deformed. Neat bang with straightforward New Era Hats, will not squeeze your bang, along with the New Era hats will makes you much more pure. Change adorable neat bang into partial point, makes ponytail at the back very lovely, loose ponytail with hat looks very vivid, and when take off hat, type of lovely formed. Essentially the most typical Korean hat and hair style is a low flowery bob, it really is the accessory of hat and also probably the most charming part of hair style.


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