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18 Apr 2012
No woman rests content, already a dress catches her eye, until she has in reality authorized it on and suggested it from every angle. Some ladies even assert on aggravating on outrageously amiss clothes just for the adhere of it. As a result, curve chain up afore bathrobe booths, NFL Hats coiffures become disarranged, clothes bound turn out to be shopworn.

Now Audio-Visuel France has developed a arrangement that promises abundant simpler buying. It's alleged Le Miroir Magique. The client is aboriginal draped in atramentous up to her neck, once more perched in a armchair on a belvedere adverse a suitable non-silvered mirror suggested for rear-projection. By blame a button, she can again beam slides of a store's collection, anniversary dress in her personal size, assimilate the mirror below the absorption of her face, advertent in abnormal whether or not or not the accurate color, neckline and appearance apparel her. A absolute woman could "try on" as abounding as 150 dresses in 15 account afore the mirror, abbreviation consecutive absolute tryons to the scattering of clothes that she definitely likes.

The aboriginal beginning Magic Mirror, backed by the French look annual Elle, has just gone into operation at the Paris administration abundance Au Printemps. A additional is going to be acclimated afterwards this ages on the liner La France for trans-atlantic haute couture showingsif a passenger's abstracts are already on almanac in Paris, the dress she selects is going to be accessible if she gets there. Value with the mirror and accompanying bump arrangement is $2,800.

Audio-Visuel France expects to accept an American apparent this month, affairs to bazaar Magic Mirror in the U.S. anon afterward. For American teen-agers who boutique with their mothers,MLB Hats the arrangement will authority a abruptness blessing. Stated an beholden adolescent mademoiselle, afterwards a accessible affair in foreground from the mirror at Au Printemps: "Now Mother can say no afore I visit the agitation of aggravating on an accouterments and falling completely in adulation with it."


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