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27 Apr 2012
We have noticed a lot of hip-hop, R&B super stars and trendsetters always wear monster energy hats no matter where they are. We can also see the world-known brand work together with New Era to launch the cooperation models. This is not simply as simple as a hat.

In 1920, Ehrhardt Koch formally established a hat company, named E Koch Cap Co. and only had 14 employees, in Buffalo in New York. And the company renamed as New Era in 1922. In 1932, the company designed the first edition of its baseball caps. Later, it was singly authorized to exclusively provide caps for Cleveland Indians professional baseball team. This was the first baseball team which was exclusively provided with caps b In 1940s, New Era had provided caps for several professional baseball caps. Thereafter, it started its fierce competition with different brands (like Wilson, Spalding, and Rawlings, etc.). In the late 1940s, New Era mainly produced hats which had device to adjust size. To 1954, they combined Brooklyn style to redesign the shape and color, and renamed this series as 59Fifty. By 1965, nfl hats had provided hats to 10 Major Baseball League Teams. New Era designed the unique "full closure" hat in 1969. To 1974, New Era dedicated hats to 20-24 Major Baseball League Teams. In the beginning of the eighties of the twenties century, New Era could not merely provide team caps for 23 MLB teams, they also got vast orders coming from schools, local enterprises, international baseball teams and golf teams, etc..
In 1986, New Era created a cap to Major League Baseball, named "MLB Diamond Collection", and also sold them to the people. The act was a great success, even at that time, New Era hat can be matched with anything has become a popular trend. In 1993, The main competitor was completely defeated by New Era Hats, and New Era got the certificate of exclusively manufactory from Major League Baseball.
Spike Lee, a famous America black director, personally asked New Era to design a entire red baseball cap with writing "New York Yankees" in white, what made New Era more famous. In the streets of the U.S., no matter what are the adults or children, men or women, all the trades will see the figure wearing New Era hats.

In 2006, New Era Cap Company moved its headquarters from suburbs of Buffalo to the downtown. On May in the same year, the first flagship shop was opened at SOHO, New York. On November in the same year, the second one was opened in the hometown Buffalo of Not simply is New Era particular about design, but also innovation. In the turns of cap material, on the basis of 100% pure wool, the company induced 100% terylene with excellent property as raw material. This stand for their first great change after 20 years' traditional processing technology. In the spring of 2007, New Era's third flagship store was opened in London. In August 2007, New Era's flagship stores were successively opened in Toronto, Queen Street West, Atlanta, Berlin, Birmingham, Japan, and South Korea.

Form New Era hat began to appear in the movie of famous black director in 1996, New Era is not merely a commodity that popular in people's life, it also represents a culture and a fashionable big trend.


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