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02 May 2012
If much less crazy Stephen Jones style hat sir, that John Galliano played bows put on what just excellent? In several games in the end of runway Dior, he is in the head Stephen Jones design from the best hat, the funny completed their bows. The climax of modelling fist Of course the cooperation amongst not just in this, and in fact, Stephen Jones revisiting Dior senior set uniform conference for various incogitable hat contribution, by way of example for the autumn 2010 with flowers, the conference would be to inspiration headdress flower style into the modelling of wrapping paper. Together with the time John Galliano Stephen Jones suddenly caprice, in poetic method of beat, with head and neck muscles will model would be to limit the improvement of athletes direction one.possibly works. Moreover to senior set uniform, he also and tributes Comme des Garcon have provided that 20 years relations of cooperation. On the MLB Hats with traditional hobby British royal loved ones members, princess Diana was Stephen Jones customers.

Embroidery division carved with needle and creation
Lanoiselee Aurelie final century clothes embroidery act the function ofing will be the representative figure, but process and not within the standard sense embroidery artisans. She can be a dressed in black jeans, the mouth cape using a small but shines slightly lip ring dark-haired woman, she is always to this body contemporary garb, appeared in Paris, the studio 18. All through Lanoiselee Aurelie ages ago many-faceted&systematize having a concept: must find and create a kind of like embroidery, but has the different work, than to be sure to do such work with its unique glamour display own vitality. With her to the embroidery, the glimmer of colourful designs like juggling amongst general floated in jinwei, make ordinary dress suddenly changed. When he was young Lanoiselee Aurelie many inspiration comes from the holy box above the decorative pattern and shroud on the trend, and known as "black patterns," said the painter Soulages, their performs of dark style but also gave her a lot of inspiration.

Her artistic road can say with indigo blue from opened. That year, student days Lanoiselee Aurelie in made art textile industry certificate and fashion decoration senior technology certificate, a pair of trend after the indigo blue embroidery operates, this painting in simple ordinary blue add compose the pearl embroidery, crystal and bronze ornament, is harbinger seize person. After that, Carven and Givenchy has under its recruiting to validity.

Christian Lacroix is Lanoiselee Aurelie loyal fan, since 2004, each season fashion product will tell her invitation a embroidery orders. In Lacroix on every series fashion, you will find the sleeve or neckline the embroider live this girl. Sometimes, some in the trend of kind of style inspiration is directly from the runway model. Regardless from the ornament is the pearl embroidery embroidery, or those winding texture on thin glass filaments of fiber, or that the metal heat forging, are sequins Aurelie Lanoiselee used as ornament embroidery accessories, will cloth that weathered, extended the feeling of the thick calendar hone foil incisively and vividly.

Within the fabric Lanoiselee Aurelie carved gimmick, performance with its uniqueness and performs in rare emotional show and was different from the home, it is also the midstream shows her work, makes her vivid emotion embroidery work become real art performs. Plenties

Furthermore, Maite Tanguy has a unique "music" is knitting. She will curling for knitting, used to line to interpret their music chapters understanding. She has put NFL Hats first and mark villa works "" became a cloth dubbed addicted to Nashville, is now the earthen brother will come out the music" weaving spring. Furthermore, Maite Tanguy very don't like to repeat itself, she would never make the same works, it ensures that the every piece unique properties. In her own words: "if you want a thing shawls or other, using what clothes. I did, then you can fabric, will never have any assured with you hit a man shan."

Scrunchie thread weaving colorful movement division
Seen Maite Tanguy functions, will know, original advanced customization industry and handicraft industry boundaries and not so remained largely distinct, instead is mutual let and bag. For example, 2002 Balenciaga's "snowman" series, its fabric, come from the hands of Maite Tanguy. She said: "since that year that a bundle of full color knit line of line board appear before my eyes, my life has changed."
This from Brittany woman very clearly knows how will those from her hometown, to represent the elements, hometown harmony in fabric creations, show, for example the sea waves, sunshine penetrates the cloud wisps of the light, perfect annotation her native beauty. Recently, Maite Tanguy fell in love with Latin American amorous feelings, she will be held in Argentina, "new" shore of fabric series screw in October. This kind of material using metal, plastic line and silk production and become, use 3 kinds of raw materials, the mutual winding distortion image of present a shells, and assembled into a fabric work.

Within the bright lights of senior set uniform behind, Paris may be the senior craftsmen's seiko spy - a glimmer of the embroidery pattern, elaborate sticky seal feathers, manual of wrought folds. Embroidery division, pleated division, fabric division, sewing division, Fox Hats weave division for generation after? generation and the exalted and inheritance of workmanship, and creating a senior custom dream costly. This time, we visited Paris institute, for you uncover lanes of their mysterious veil.


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