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16 May 2012
Ningxia is China's only Hui autonomous province, was hailed as China's foreign close friends "Muslim province" and "Islamic province." Total population in Ningxia Hui one-third of fellow, for that reason, entered Ningxia, will really feel the sturdy Muslim customs, particularly in Yinchuan City will likely be in a position to see a great deal of people that wear white new era caps, this is a sign of Muslim one.

 White, is considered one of the most holy Muslim color. Based on legend, the founder of Islam Mohammed the moment said: Do you put on white clothes it! It's your finest clothes. So no tiny along the extended white has become the most common hair Muslims. Muslims in prayer, we must wearing this white hat, it is also a "prayer cap," mentioned. Light cool little white hat, basic and easy to do, great. In current years, the Hui individuals living rising, some Muslim young adults dressed suit and tie brightly colored tie, wearing a little white cap along with out, towards the integration of national characteristics along with the sense from the occasions, it appears to be quite intelligent, handsome, graceful.

 In addition to white hat, the Muslim males also put on a waistcoat hi. Hood in a blue shirt white waistcoat, looked fresh in the net, color harmony. Hui legend of very good riding and shooting more than their ancestors, good boxing, dressed clean and neat order, and far more wear sleeveless jacket, dressed as a warrior looks like. Even nowadays, folks from those wearing white Red Bull Hats, wearing a sleeveless jacket with the Muslim individuals, Muslim people can appreciate the character of this hobby.

 The Muslim girls are usually far more hijab (also called take the veil.) "Black hair not see the sky", will be the world's Muslim women, a standard religious practices, it's far more towards the veil, shawl masked cover hair. Hijab normally yarn goods, silk, satin, Dacron material technique to do. Unmarried girl wearing a green hijab, and much more on the gold side with the hijab, embroidered patterns incense table, fresh, lovely, bright, pleasing; middle-aged lady wearing a black hijab, looked solemn and dignified; older ladies wearing white veils, and disclosed for the vest location looks basic piety. Using the development, there has been improvement in recent years, Ningxia Chuan Hui areas and towns retaining girls in white caps and colorful scarves as opposed to the hijab previously, the Muslim neighborhood of colorful, beautification with the Hui folks life.

 Mosques are not only locations of religious Muslims, in essence, it truly is the Muslim financial life, political and cultural expression to concentrate on the arts. It is possible to see in the Ningxia range of DC Hats. Total size of the mosque inside the autonomous region said three thousand seats, and several of them as purely Arab-style mosque or the Arab architectural style having a robust art color:


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